Calma Shadow 3.0

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The Calma Shadow 3.0 - The shadow is the latest glove and 3rd release to come from the Calma Blackout Family.

The Calma Shadow first launched into the glove market late 2011. And ever since, the brand has been renowned from releasing killer blackout designs and exceptional performance. Everyone knows that if you're ordering a Shadow model from Calma, it's going to be packed with the best features and designed with the performance in mind.

The glove features:

- 4mm BLK Contact Grip Palm

- Genuflect Cut - A modern pre-curved cut giving total contact

- FlexSmart embossing - Backhand embossing designed to give the glove complete freedom. We have embossed the glove with special groves purposely to give the hand a second skin feel and for the goalkeeper to experience glove versatility like never before.

- Micromesh lining giving the hand total breathability to help reduce sweat and keep your hands fresh.

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Sizes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10.11

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